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pdk-root.nnnnn are filling /tmp directory on linux server

I am seeing a number of pdk-root.<nnnnn> directories created under /tmp/ on a physical Linux server running oracle. We are using SC 4.1P1 to backup Oracle DB. I don't see this happening on every server where SC 4.1P1 agent is running. Any ideas what might be the cause for the build up of these directories?


Re: pdk-root.nnnnn are filling /tmp directory on linux server


We noticed the same and opened BURT 807980, which has been fixed in Snap Creator 4.1P2.

4.1P2 is available now at:

Follow the 4.0 to 4.1 upgrade steps listed in the Snap Creator install guide to upgrade.

One minor caveat - if running your Snap Creator Server on Windows be sure to follow the uninstall directions first as there are a few more directories to back up in 4.1 that were not present in 4.0.



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