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prepost scripts

Can somebody explain this from the "SMO Installation and Administration Guide for Windows":

Scripts delivered with SnapManager use the BASH shell by default. You must ensure that support for

the BASH shell is installed on your operating system before attempting to run any of the sample


How does that work for the Vault_the_backup.CMD ?

Anyone experience with prepost jobs in SMO for Windows ? I want to start a powershell script from the cmd(ps1 script works on its own). When run from SMO then it stops here :--[ INFO] SMO-11185: Plugin ""Snapvault"" successfully started.

If REM out then the backup continues (flow works) : --[ INFO] SMO-11172: Plugin ""Vault the backup"" successfully completed...


Re: prepost scripts

Yes, I have done it for Linux. after SMO backup you can view the backup in snapvault secondary.

I have not tried with windows. Does it behave well or do you face any issues?



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