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sanlun lun show not showing new luns (HP-UX)


Good afternoon,

Recently I ran into an interesting issue when my SAN administrator presented new storage to an HP-UX host.  Multiple luns were presented, but two of them do not show properly in the sanlun command.  Sanlun lun show -b all and -p all do not display all of the new luns, but sanlun lun show -v does.  In addition the sanlun lun show -v displays the new luns with but the paths are shown as the Agile disks.  On working luns the paths are shown as the pv-links.  Attached is an example of what I am seeing.  I have cleaned up all NO_HW devices/disks as well as any invalid hardware paths that were present on the server.

Is there some way to "fix" the lun so that I can see it in the -b and -p output?  I've also tried having my SAN administrator re-map the luns to new lun numbers and that did not resolve the problem.  I believe the issue I am seeing is also related to a seperate problem I have with snapdrive functionality on the host.  Sanlun version is


- Sean


Re: sanlun lun show not showing new luns (HP-UX)


After doing some massive cleanup on the box to remove old device files, luns, non-existant volumegroups, and a host of other issues I was unable to fix this issue.  I ended up having to upgrade snapdrive to the 6.x version before it would work properly.

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