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shutdown metrocluster both sites


I have a customer who wants a complete data center relocation, involing both sites ( no failover) which run Netapp MetroCluster FC for ONTAP 9.3. Is there a special procedure for powering down both sites, meaning no switch over of services.


I can find quite a few documents that involes one site power down but not both.





Re: shutdown metrocluster both sites

Hi there!


Sorry for the delay in responding. If you still require further guidance, please feel free to post a follow up question.


Short summary is that it depends on exact configuration - FC or IP MetroCluster, how many nodes at each side, if there is a tiebreaker in place.


Assuming no tiebreaker, FC metrocluster:

  1. Disable AUSO -
  2. Halt individual nodes
  3. Move equipment
  4. Power on one side
  5. Power on other side
  6. Re-enable AUSO
  7. Heal aggregates
  8. Run Metrocluster check

Hope this helps!


Re: shutdown metrocluster both sites


here is an officially KB

How to power down the complete MetroCluster running Data ONTAP 8.3 or later



but i cannot find any information about disabling AUSO. Is this really necessary?

Check out the KB!
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