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smsap backups are not migration capable



I like to migrate some existing smsap datasets to a new aggregate, like to do this the firat time ever

all secondary datasets are shown as "no" under Migration capable.

any help welcome, please have a look at attached document


joerg brandenburger


Re: smsap backups are not migration capable


The Migration Capable is for the Vfiler, are you trying to migrate entire vfiler ?

Or just the secondary volumes ? If secondary volumes use the Host-.Aggregates-> Secondary Space Management to move the backup or mirror volumes.

If its primary and are from vfilers use Online/Offline Vfiler migration.



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Re: smsap backups are not migration capable


thanks adai for the quick answer  "secondary space management"  cool

I think this was the right direction.

I end up now with a screen whe I have to select the destination aggregate.

nothing shows up here , I have to read more..

thanks to point me to this direction.

many thanks


Re: smsap backups are not migration capable


You must add the aggr to a resource pool and attach it to the node of the dataset to which the volume you plan to migrate belongs too.

For example if you have a dataset with backup policy you must attach the aggr to a RP and attach it to the backup node of the dataset.

Secondary Space Management, which migrates individual volume, which are part of dataset.

The  rule or conditions that needs to be met for a volume to be migrate  capable is the following.

SSM doesn't migrate the following.

  1. Root Volume of a filer or vfiler is not migration capable.
  2. Volumes with client facing protocols like CIFS, NFS, iSCSI,FCP.
  3. Volume which are parents of flexclones.
  4. Volume which have unmanaged relationships.

If there are client facing protocols.You must remove the client facing  protocols you will be able to migrate using SSM, but during the entire  duration of initial baseline from old destination to new destination.

After  the inital baseline SSM will modify the relationship, you  dont have to rebaseline the downstream relationship and also wont loose  any already registered backup.



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