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smtape restore



I'm trying to do a smtape restore on cdot 8.2.1 but job fails with "Error Description: Destination volume is not a replica".


Tapes are fine as i can do "system smtape showheader -tape /xxxx/rst0a -tape-block-size 256" and see tape contents. My destination volume is larger than original and is restricted and volume name is same as source (i'm restoring to a different system).


Restore command is - "system smtape restore -volume vol_name -tape /xxxx/rst0a -tape-block-size 256"


Any ideas much appreciated.



Re: smtape restore


Srennie -


The destination volume needs to be a DP type volume.

Did you create it with '-type DP' ?

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Re: smtape restore

i re-created volume with type -DP and restore now running normally


thank you very much for your help!