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snap manager sql clone


i am trying to clone a database that is running in sql 2008r2

Snap manager is the latest version.  does anybody know if snap manager is able to clone a database that is configured for replication.  I have cloned other databses on other servers but this seems to be the only difference and the clone keeps failing.

is this configuration supported?



Re: snap manager sql clone

  is this one that your team handles or should the question be asked in the NetApp Support Community?

Re: snap manager sql clone

Hi and welcome to the Community!

I don't think this could make any difference whether the source is replicated, or not. Are we talking about SnapMirror replication, right?

In theory you should be able to clone either off the primary, or the secondary volume.

What's the SMSQL version & the actual error you are getting?



Re: snap manager sql clone

Hi ,

By replication do you mean SQL Server Replication ,if yes which one (Merge ,Tran or snapshot ) ? What is the error you are seeing ? Can you share the log ?



Re: snap manager sql clone

this is now resolved.  someone had enaled shadow copies on the drive and set the limit to unlimited.  this was smashing the free space.l.... deleted these and all good again.  thanks for you help

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