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snap manager sql verification question


Hi all

i'm running Microsoft SQL server inside vmware virtual machine (vsphere 4.1) using snapdrive 6.3 and smsql 5.1 with rdm lun's attached to the virtual mahine

backup \ snapshot working very well

i now wan't to implement a verification job

i want the verification proccess to run on another physical windows SQL server

when i try to select the verification server i get a warning saying my source SQL is virtual so my verification server should also be virtual

my questions:

1. why this limitation exist ? since all my DB's are on rdm's which is windows 2008 type luns that can be connected to physical server

2. can i ignore this warning message and try to set it up or this restriction is being forced by the smsql software

thank you


snap manager sql verification question



You are good to go.

SMSQL Install & Admin Guide (, page 43:

"When the SQL server is hosted on a virtual machine with VMDK disks, the remote verification server should be a virtual machine."

So this doesn't apply to iSCSI / FC LUNs.



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snap manager sql verification question


I tried it and the clone\map\mount on the physical server worked very well

i had other sql issue that cause the verification to fail but it's not related to my question

Thanks Radek

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