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snapcreator gui running with non root environment



I'm using snapcreator gui for linux (Version 3.5.0c). I want to start the framework with another user than root. Most of the functionality is running well.

But the VIBE.PM is using an icmp ping to check the availability of vSphere server. This perl module is only running with root priviledges. Do you have any other chance to check this within your script?

I'm using echo pings (tcp port 7) in one of my different toolsets. It ist running well until ONTAP 7.x. With ONTAP 8.0.2 it is not alternative because this port seems to blocked by ONTAP now.

Kind regards

Volker Kiehn


snapcreator gui running with non root environment


Hi Volker,

There is an option you can set in config file. You must edit config file, it isnt a GUI option. Try setting VIBE_NOPING=Y this should prevent the vmware plugin from doing a ping. Of course if the storage system isnt available you wont get a friendly error message but this should work.

Let us know


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snapcreator gui running with non root environment


Thanks Keith,

this parameter solves the problem. I have another, but I'll open another thread.



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