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snapdrive & Sme

Hi ,

i have snapdrive 6.3  and snapmanger 5.0  currently . i have microsoft exchange 2007 with 20 storage groups .Currently it takes 20 minutes for snapdrive for disk enumeration any of you guys having such similar problems or challenges.

the 21 luns as of now are on one volume and am ready to move  to 21 differenet volumes will this solve problem


Moncy varghese


Re: snapdrive & Sme

Hi moncyvarghese,

Since there are a number of factors that could affect performance for SnapDrive, I'd suggest that you contact your support rep and have a case opened.  Someone will then be able to get the necessary info about your setup and figure things out from there. I wish there was a better answer for you right now, but that's the best I can offer.



snapdrive & Sme

Have exact same issue.

Were you able to fix it?

snapdrive & Sme

As stated your best bet is probably to open a case with NetApp GSC and have them check it out. You may want to run the Data Collection Tool for Windows ( first as the GSC will need the output in order to troubleshoot.

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