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snapdrive snap connect error on AIX


We are  running SMO 3.3  and snapdrive 5.2 on AIX over NFS

We get problems when SMO is trying to mount a backup and the problem is the snapdrive is trying
to connect the clone over the public interface on the server and this is not in the export list on the filer.

The filer interfaces are:

sc20atc2648-st                                 storage net interface

sc20atc2648                                      public interface

The server interfaces are:                                       storage net interface                                       public interface

Even if the snapdrive command uses the sc20atc2648-st as filer name the
NFS mount request comes from the public server interface

We have set the mgmtpath and data path with

snapdrive config set –mgmtpath sc20atc2648 sc20atc2648-st

But still get this error:

# snapdrive snap connect -fs /oracle/base/T1SMONFS/data01 /mnt -snapname

connecting /mnt     
to filer directory: sc20atc2648-st:/vol/n2648038_0/T1SMONFS_data01

Volume copy sc20atc2648-st:/vol/n2648038_0 ... created

(original: n2648038)

Cleaning up ...

empty snapdrive-generated flexclone sc20atc2648-st:/vol/n2648038_0 ... done


Info: Host interface can see storage system sc20atc2648-st,

but has no
NFS permission to directory /vol/n2648038/T1SMONFS_data01.

If this is intentional (examples: your routing setup will only use allowed interfaces;
the directories are mounted with the read-only option; etc.), you may safely
ignore this warning.

we suggest verifying NFS permissions on the storage system to avoid any potential I/O errors.

Command error: mount failed: mount: access denied for

mount: giving up on:


Permission denied


Re: snapdrive snap connect error on AIX

Can you check the variable "ping-interfaces-with-same-octet" in snapdrive.conf file. Please set it to "off" and then retry the operation. If this variable is set to on, SnapDrive will consider IPs of the filer's mgmt subnet only..

If this didnt help either, can you upload the logs for the failed operation. This would help to investigate further on this.



Re: snapdrive snap connect error on AIX

We forgot to set the option to ON

Now it is working

Re: snapdrive snap connect error on AIX

Great !



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