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snapmanager backup timed out



We have smsql running in one of the servers backing up 2 databases.I just set this up 3 weeks back.The schedule is for full backup to run every morning 3,and tlog backup to run every 2 hours.For the past week,we have been noticing that the full backup is getting failed with the error "SnapManager timed out after 1800 seconds while waiting for VDI PrepareToFreeze event(s)."

But then once I run it manually after a while it goes through without any errors.Sometimes the full backup does complete successfully too as per schedule but in that case also it takes around 20-25 mins to finish.What could be the cause be.? Got anything to do with SMSQL or mssql..I'm completely in the blank..appreciate your comments on this.I have logged case with TS too but there response is tooo slow:(,ive attached the job log for reference.

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Re: snapmanager backup timed out


Anand - I am having the same issue, where you able to find a resolution?

Re: snapmanager backup timed out


same issue here, anyone get a resolution to this? Thanks in advance!

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