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snapmirror error 13102

I keep getting a snapmirror error or 13102.

cannot connect to source filer. any idea?


Re: snapmirror error 13102

How/what is the network setup between the two systems?  Is there a firewall between them?  If so, are the required ports open?  Found this article:  Something else to check, has snapmirror.access been setup on each system so they can talk to each other?

Re: snapmirror error 13102

bnot sure what happened. it seems to be working now. but I am trying to setup a ms cluster across sites so I have snapmirror from source vol to destination vol. when i failover the ms cluster resource from source to destination, the destination drive remains as eadable only and not writable. what do I have to do to make that writable?

Re: snapmirror error 13102

You'll have to break the SnapMirror (or clone the destination possibly).  If this is a SnapManager program, which should be utilizing SnapDrive, SnapDrive should be able to break the mirror from what I've glimpsed over documentation wise...

Re: snapmirror error 13102

This is the procedure if you want to make the snapmirror destination volume writable:

1. Verify the status of the snapmirrors

Source> snapmirror status (if possible)

Dest> snapmirror status

2. Finish writes to fas1_vol1

Dest> snapmirror quiesce source_vol1

3. Break volume fas1_vol1 from the snapmirror relationship

FAS2> snapmirror break source_vol1

For QSM:

1. Verify the status of the snapmirrors. SnapMirror must be on.

Dest> snapmirror status

2. Finishes any write activity and then disables further updates

Dest> snapmirror quiesce /vol/vol0/mymirror

3. Break the snapmirror relationship

Dest> snapmirror break Dest:/vol/vol0/mymirror

After using the snapmirror break command to temporarily break a SnapMirror relationship between a source and destination, you can use other SnapMirror commands to either make the break permanent, or restore or redefine the SnapMirror relationship.

• Use the snapmirror release command to make the break permanent.

• Use the snapmirror resync command to restore or redefine the SnapMirror relationship.

Re: snapmirror error 13102

ok now i broke the mirror, destination drive is writable. but a reverse resync gives another error.

SnapMirror transfer request from lun_19Jun2012_175417_vol_SnapMirror_20Jun2012_074939 to host eq-ntap2 at IP address denied: check options snapmirror.access.

Re: snapmirror error 13102

you need snapmirror.access set on both sides... so both systems need to allow each other

Re: snapmirror error 13102

ok I added

on both filers

options snapmirror.access host=remotehost1

options snapmiorror.access host=remotehost2

it seems to work. but after the successful resync. the volume was still only in read mode. I had to do a manual mscs failover to the other site node and a failback before the volume shows as writable.

why is that? I am not using snapdrive

Re: snapmirror error 13102

After any resync you have to break to make writable. Then do the sync the other way after again

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Re: snapmirror error 13102

how can i delete old snapmirrors in unknown state. the destination and source volumes are already deleted. when i try to delete them i get the error




2012-06-20 17:29:14,857


No volume named 'mscluster_rw_vol' exists (Error: 13040)


No details are available.


No suggested corrective action is available.


Location is not specified.


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