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@snapmirror snapshots


To troubleshoot an SMSQL backup problem, we have removed the SnapMirror kickoff flag from several SnapManager for SQL backup jobs and replaced them with manually scheduled SnapMirror jobs.  Now that a few days have passed, I've noticed space is low on many of our volumes, and there are two old @SNAPMIRROR snapshots (outside of our retention window) on each volume where we made this change.  Can these snapshots safely be deleted?  I believe these are just the snapshots used by SMSQL to manage the SnapMirror process.  We still have a snapmirror snapshot that is up to date on each of these volumes.  Any thoughts or suggestions?


Re: @snapmirror snapshots


Since the retention for thoswe @SNAPMIRROR snapshots i no longer managed by SMSQL and SnapDrive, you may indeed delete them manually.



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Re: @snapmirror snapshots


Thank you!  I did so and there was no adverse effect.

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