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@snapmirror snapshots

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To troubleshoot an SMSQL backup problem, we have removed the SnapMirror kickoff flag from several SnapManager for SQL backup jobs and replaced them with manually scheduled SnapMirror jobs.  Now that a few days have passed, I've noticed space is low on many of our volumes, and there are two old @SNAPMIRROR snapshots (outside of our retention window) on each volume where we made this change.  Can these snapshots safely be deleted?  I believe these are just the snapshots used by SMSQL to manage the SnapMirror process.  We still have a snapmirror snapshot that is up to date on each of these volumes.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

Re: @snapmirror snapshots

Since the retention for thoswe @SNAPMIRROR snapshots i no longer managed by SMSQL and SnapDrive, you may indeed delete them manually.



Re: @snapmirror snapshots

Thank you!  I did so and there was no adverse effect.