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snapshot plug in for Vertias NetBackup


We have installed our Veritas NetBackup server in NetApp storage with Redhat Linux, we are looking for a solution to replicate NetBackup to remote site as DR protection, which include NetBackup binary and catalog (SQL anywhere database) file systems. Since we don't have NetApp plug in for SQL anywhere, just wondering if we can utilize the plug in for Unix to protect our Linux file systems by replications. Please share your experience.



Re: snapshot plug in for Vertias NetBackup




I am just trying to understand the components in your query.


Correct me here : You have a Netbackup server which uses 'SQL anywhere' as back end Internal database.


From google I found this:

NetBackup 'Catalog' is a place where information about the NetBackup configuration and backups are stored such as records of the files that have been backed up and media where those files copied. NetBackup Catalog is kept on the NetBackup master server and consists of:


1) NetBackup configuration files such as policies, schedules - flat files.
2) NetBackup database (NBDB) - a relational database (Sybase SQL Anywhere)


My advise would be:
For FS (Binaries): If Netbackup master server is VM -> Take vmware snaphost
For Catalog - Configure and take a regular DR backups and keep this DR copy on the CIFS volume ---> Replicate this volume to remote site if you wish using SnapMirror.


In case for DR: Restore the VM and then restore the lastest catalog that you have protected, or  install the Netbackup from scratch and use the DR file to bring it up to date.

How to configure a backup policy to protect NetBackup Catalog?

Another complicated option will be:
Using SnapCenter pre/post commands to quiesce SQL anywhere db using standard unix-plugin for file-system. But, this may or may not be fully dependable, b'cos you will be manually (using script) quiescing dbs, I doubt this is a good idea. Anyway, explore your options.


Good luck.



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Re: snapshot plug in for Vertias NetBackup


thanks for reply.

do you know what is the snapcenter custom plug ins? does it mean we can customlize the plugin? can we use it for Linux file system or SQLAnywhere?

Re: snapshot plug in for Vertias NetBackup


It's a good question. I haven't got an opportunity to do much with SnapCenter but I did spent good time with SnapCreator (Similar concept) between 2012 & 2014. At one point, NetApp had only limited suite of SnapManager Products for well known Databases such as : SnapManager for SQL/Exch/Oracle/SAP etc, however there were dozens of more Databases which were equally getting embraced & their importance grew due to various applications demands, and such dbs were -db2,mysql,domino,sybase etc.


Hence, NetApp introduced the concept of 'custom-plugins' so these databases could be integrated with NetApp's snapshot technology. The whole idea of custom-plugin is to provide three basic requirements in order to ensure the application is consistent before the volume level snapshot is taken by NetApp.


1) Quiesce_cmd = before the snapshot
flush out ditry bufferes;; take a NetApp snapshot
2) UnQuiesce_cmd = after the snapshot
3) Pre_exit_cmd = If error encountered during quiesce then unquiesce and exit.


However, this meant you could virtually run any application with NetApp snapshot technology; as long as you know the scripts/commands to : Quiesce & UnQuiesce DBs.


Basically, cutom-plug-ins provide 'quisce'/'unquisce' script for the plug-ins mentioned by NetApp. However, you don't need those plug-ins, even with regular unix/win file system SC agent, you can incorporate the pre/post script (To flush dbs) so that data-blocks are in a consistent state. I am stating this from my snapcreator experience, but I am guessing the concept is same. Give it a try, do some experiments with scripts, only if it's worth spending time on it.


Try and look up some kbs in netapp site, just to get an idea if there is any issues there.

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