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snapshot recovery


I'm attempting to grant access to all snapshots for restore purposes to an AD group that is not defined as a member in the Builtin\administrators group. 


In testing, I tried builit in admins which worked but isn't desireable. I also tried Power Users and Backup Operators but this did not give access the to ~snapshots for any share. 


Is there a method to grant access and modify permission without granting full administrative access. Ideally I like to crate a new Builit in group for this purpose given I can grant the desried permissions. 


Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Re: snapshot recovery


Snapshots are *readonly* copies of the data/filesystem at an erlier point in time. That means you cannot change anything , including permissions of ~snapshot directory contents. If the user had access to the files at the time of snapshot creation, they will continue to have access, else not. 

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