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Remove Snap Centre from VSC integration procedure


My user have ESX environment, he install the VSC plug-in for snapshot backup purpose. Later he install and integrated with Snap Center. After few months usage, he want to drop the Snap Center at this moment and decide to use VSC for backup. Is there any detail procedure on how to remove the integration between Snap Center & VSC? Also the backup record is store in the MySQL in Snap Center. Is there any way to get those backup record from Snap Center and update in VSC? He try to stop the VSC MySQL and find VSC will lost all snapshot backup record. Anyone know how to solve this?






HI Yaoguang,


Yes, I did read that post. I try follow the steps to remove file content of I notice that then I go VSC create backup job seems it can show all original setup tasks under VSC. But when I go through the steps, it seems it still follow what under SnapCenter. The main difference is it skip the mail alert setting. For VSC, it has several option to select include send when error occur but no this option under SnapCenter. And this is what user what to get. He don't want to select only either all or nothing under SanpCenter. In this method, do I need to stop the SnapCenter service first? Also I can't remove the information in VSC configuration option "Configure Snapcneter Server", it still there can't be remove and once press OK, it will save and update the content again. 


For another suggestion to issue command on Snap Center, since it need end user login and I need to schedule with user and not yet confirm its effect.


So do I need to perform both method or either one can be enough?