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SME 6.0 verification on a nfs vm issue


I'm trying to setup a SME verication to run on a seperate VM hosted on a NFS datastore.  I was told this is now possible with SDW 6.3. Exchange is on a physical cluster with FC luns

Error i get is no initiators connect to the storage system. (Snapdrive Error Code: 0xc00402e7)

when you try to manually mount snaphots in snapdrive the FC initiators are greyed out.

Verification server 2008 R2 Esxi4.1

SME 6.0

SDW 6.3.1R1

Ex 2007

Is this possible or does the VM still have to be on a VMFS datastore?



is this one that your team handles or should the question be asked in the NetApp Support Community?


Looks like you were not able to help on this issue here.  We have external and internal subject matter experts in the NetApp Support Community answering questions about SnapX products and software.  If you have an active NetApp Single Sign On (SSO) account login, this link enables you to engage them about this


Hi Andrew and welcome to the Community!

It's a bit complex question, but in principle it should work.

Did you provided credentials linking SnapDrive with vCenter during SnapDrive installation? E.g. you should be able to see all virtual drives via SnapDrive console.

Also, with regards to the Exchange VM - I presume we are talking about data LUNs mounted as FC RDMs, right?




Nfs data store support was added for smsql but not sme as far as I know. Rdms otherwise.


thanks for the Welcome and replies. In the end, due to time contraints we had migrate the verification server vm to a vmfs datastore to get it working.  The exchange was on a physical cluster with FC luns,  verification server was a vm on nfs datastore.

I was able whilst the VM was on NFS to create luns via snapdrive. I guess in anything prior to 6.3 this wouldn't have been possible.  Maybe the system drive of the verification server needs to be on an RDM. I'll keep testing anyway.

thanks again.


6.3 added nfs support. But smsql works with those Luns and sme does not. I think a vss issue to resolve but can't remember.

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Maybe the system drive of the verification server needs to be on an RDM. I'll keep testing anyway.

it won't make any difference - only data & log LUNs are mounted during verification process, no manipulation on the system drive.

Has the VM in question proper access to the datastore with RDM mapping files though?


I think that will probably be it. Access to the mapping files on the vmfs datastore.  Will do some testing. Thanks Radek