Data Backup and Recovery

VSC SMVI restore from SnapVault


Hi there


We have a AFF8060 cDot 8.3 system which exports NFS datastore to our vmware cluster.

We use VSC and SMVI to do our backups.

We have then added our secondary storage sytem as a snapvault target, which allows us to add the "Trigger SnapVault" on our jobs.

This all works as expected.

When we would like to do a restore from a snapshot on the primary, it is easily done in the GUI.

Yet, if we would like to restore from a snapvault snapshot on the seconadry system, it becomes somewhat harder... we do it like this:


1. Create FlexClone of the secondary datastore volume

2. Export the FlexClone to the VMware cluster

3. Mount this datastore inside vSphere

4. Register our VM, and start it

5. Use vMotion to move the VM back to the primary datastore.

(Of cause we can also copy out one specific VMDK)


If would however be great if this could be done via the VSC GUI.

Have I messed up something since I cannot do it via the GUI?


Or is this feature on the way?







Try this


1. Restore snapshot from 2nd system to primary system.

2. rename "restored snapshot" at primary system to match the backup's need.

3. Try to use VSC restore VM again.


If anyone has better way please tell us.


Thank you