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Right to the point. We have MS Exchange virtualized (vmware) and are using RDM on physical compatibility mode for the DB luns. The Exchange DB luns ar more
I have a fairly recent implementation of SnapCenter 4.1, and it appears to work well. Backups are running fine and all my restore attempts have succed more
I have snapcenter 4.1.1. and Excange DAG i set up that i have on primary 7 days and 2 weekly secondary 30 daysG: Snapshoots are there on netapp. exact more
Hello,   we are using Snapcenter 4.1.1 with mysql Plugin 1.0. We have the problem that sometimes (randomly) the Backup jobs fails with following error more
Hi what would i do with sql backup.I have sap server for quality sapq1,sapq2 and production sapp1,sapp2. All 4 servers have sepperatly volumes.  all f more
I'm trying to setup Commvault to backup CIFS shares on a FAS cluster.   I have a File System iDA with a subclient pointing to \\NetApp\c$   If I add a more
hello   my company is faced with the ultimate crash, du to a wrong action at network level we get physical corruption on all  datafiles of our DB.  ou more
I am trying to script the end to end process of a new server build, setting up snap center, creating and connecting the default luns in windows. Looki more
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