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Hello at all, After installing SnapCenter 4.1P1 on Windows Server 2016, I want installed the VMware Plug-in for vSphere Server.   I used the SnapCente more
Hi guys,   It was possible to deploy older versions of snap centre with a hardware load balancer, using GSLB (global server load balancing), this allo more
Hello, I am getting error in taking a PostgreSQL cluster data backup in SnapCenter. I have installed the plugin on the host, added the resource type c more
Hi,   We are planning to move from a standalone vCENTER 6 installation to a vCENTER 6.7u2 HA installation quite soon. Currently we are running SnapCen more
Backups now fail after upgrading server to version 4.3.2.   Error - Connection has been shutdown: more
We've been running SnapCenter since 4.0.  We just installed 4.2 yesterday and although it seems to be a bit more stable, it still has an issue with ho more
Hi,   After upgrading to SC 4.2 (as well as all the plugins), I have MSSQL transaction log truncate jobs that run every 20 minutes that aren't showing more
Hi,   I have migrated our SnapCenter to the Data Broker virtual appliance as instructed in more
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