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How to login to System Manager using Active Directory groups


User can add Active Directory(AD) groups via CLI and login to OnCommand System Manager with a user account which is part of this AD group using AD/username & credentials



  1. The security login create command creates a login method for the management utility.
    1. Add application type as ontapi (for executing ZAPI) and http (for web service requests)
    2. For System Manager, role can be admin or read-only, custom roles are not supported.
    3. authentication method as domain


  1.a) Security login create command example, with AD group name as smqa-tme and AD as smqa 

  •           security login create -user-or-group-name smqa\smqa-qa -application ontapi -authentication-method domain -role admin
  • security login create -user-or-group-name smqa\smqa-qa -application http -authentication-method domain -role admin


  1. Use security login show command to view the output

F8080-32-22-25::> security login show -user-or-group-name smqa\*

Vserver: F8080-32-22-25


User/Group                 Authentication                 Acct   Authentication

Name           Application Method       Role Name       Locked Method

-------------- ----------- ------------- ---------------- ------ --------------

smqa\smqa-tme   http       domain       admin           -     none

smqa\smqa-tme   ontapi     domain       admin           -     none

smqa\smqa-tme   ssh         domain       admin           -     none

3 entries were displayed.


  1. Log in to OnCommand System Manager with active directory username and credentials. In this example: Nikhil has been added as a user to group smqa-qa and the Active directory is smqa.

Username: Smqa/Nikhil password : relevant passowrd



                 Figure 1 Login to System Manager via AD\username


  1. Nikhil can login to System Manager , Nikhil will have admin access as a user who is part of AD group , smqa-qa.
    1. Navigate to Settings in top right corner followed by Users, added AD group from CLI can be viewed from System Manager



           Figure 2: Settings>Users

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