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OnCommand 5.0 Beta Program


Update I:

First of all we would like to take this opportunity to thank  you all on behalf of the OnCommand Beta Team for your time and effort in signing-up for OnCommand5.0 Beta and sharing your valuable feedback.

With the First Customer Ship(FCS) of OnCommand 5.0 around the corner, in a weeks time. We encourage you all to upgrade to OnCommand 5.0 given its new feature and infrastructure improvements like 64 bit application.

We plan to end the BETA with effect from 1st Aug , 2011

What does it mean:

  • The BETA Binaries would be removed from the BETA site.
  • No support or responses to new feedback.
  • All new and existing feedback will be taken for future release planning
  • If you have any feedbacks about BETA pls send an e-mail to me,

Pls take your time to fill up the Beta test script. It  provide a formal way in sharing your beta testing results for OnCommand 5.0 Beta(If haven't done it already)

OnCommand 5.0 Beta TestScript


Hi All,

     The much awaited OnCommand5.0 is available on limited beta.OnCommand v5.0 is replacement of the old products (like Operations Manager, Protection Manager,

Provisioning Manager, Performance Advisor, Virtual Storage Console, SnapManager for Hyper V and SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure. and successor of DFM v4.0.X)

The key features of this version are

  • Policy based backup/recovery of VMware and MS Hyper-V virtual infrastructure with SnapMirror/SnapVault integration
  • New integrated web based UI using common web framework

For a detailed list of the new features in OnCommand5.0 refer the list below.

For a quick overview of the new features and value proposition of OnCommand 5.0, have a look at the VODs( links at the bottom of the page)

OnCommand Console

  • Dashboard View
  • Dashboard Views with drill down capability on Capacity, Health, Protection and Availability.

  • Storage View
  • Treemap workflow(Custom filters based on different capacity metrics)
  • Inventory Workflow
    • Navigation workflow (Breadcrumbs, Related objects, Details tabs)
    • Configurable settings (Sorting, filtering and selective display of  columns)         

      • Server View
      • Virtualization Inventory
      • VM to storage mapping
      • Backup management
        • Creation of datasets
        • Searching backup by resource name/Id(Vendor Id/UUID) or Backup description
        • Scheduled and On-demand Backup
        • SnapVault and SnapMirror integration
      • Restore Management
        • Restore from local/remote backup
        • Restore of a VM or datastore from VI inventory

      • Enhanced Reporting
      • Scheduling reports in OnCommand Console(Simplified report scheduling and sharing in multiple formats)
      • Creating custom reports in OnCommand Console.(Filter reports based on time, logical operators, and strings, sorting, grouping and selective display of columns and ability to add new compute fields)
      • Usage Metrics based on Capacity and Performance at Dataset level

      • Events and Alerts
      • Alerting on status changes in virtual server environment.
      • New and Improved events and alerting workflow

      • Flexible Naming Convention
      • Primary & Destination Volume Naming
      • Destination Qtree Naming
      • Primary & Destination Snapshot Naming

      • Enhanced DataMotion.
      • Including Higher FAS model to Lower FAS model, faster disk  type to slower disk type.

      • Scalability Improvements
      • 64 bit binaries

      • Simplified Licensing
        • $0, no entitlement, requires Core license key per management server
        • Enables all OnCommand functionality for unlimited nodes (up to support limits of 250 nodes)
        • No “add node” licenses required

      OnCommand Plug-in for VMware (vCenter Plug-in)

      • NetApp Home View
        • Dataset Management Page
        • Local Policy page
        • Unprotected Pages
        • Jobs Page
        • Restore Page
        • Dashboard
        • Getting Started
        • About

      • Inventory View
        • Backup Now
        • Add to new dataset
        • Add to existing Dataset
        • Restore

      Customer Qualification:

      Summary requirements:

          Organization with at least 5 storage systems,
          Commitment  to install the beta version of the product, spend time each week  testing the software and provide regular inputs to NetApp on the  testing.

      To qualify,

          Download the Questionnaire document available at -OnCommand 5.0 Beta Questionnaire
          Fill the questionnaire document and mail it to Adaikkappan Arumugam (

          This will go through the export compliance and you will be granted access to the OnCommand  5.0 Beta download.

      For a quick overview of the new features and value proposition of OnCommand 5.0, have a look at the VODs below

      OnCommand 5.0 Overview - Policy Based Data Management for Virtualized Datacenters

      OnCommand 5.0 Overview - Operational Management


      Beta has a limited support. NetApp does not commit to fix all bugs or  issues related to beta in current release.Based on available time

      and  resources, critical issues reported will be considered and non-critical  ones will be taken up as part of upcoming releases.

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