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OnCommand 5.0 Install & Setup Guide


Provides information about the content of the Core and Host Packages, pre-installation requirements, and installation/upgrade instructions.

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Here some feedback for the guide that accompanies the software butunfortunately misses (no offense) some invaluable information in my opinion:

  • The contents and components of the packages are explained but it isn't clear where or on which server roles to install them. Core Package mainly consists of the DFM server and so needs to beinstalled as a (dedicated) application server. The Host Package consists of the Host service and virtualization plug-in and needs to be installed on eachHyper-V cluster-node and probably on the vCenter server in case of VMware.
  • Licensing Information is quite scarce on underlying NetApp software like SnapDrive, SnapManager andSnapRestore although I never needed to supply any keys during Host Package installation which in this case makes me wonder if you even need SMHV licenses bacause you don't install it at all.
  • (Consider two example occasions where I sold SMHV to customers withoutthem having SnapRestore because that license prerequisite wasn't mentioned inthe SMHV Install&Admin guide! The custumer wasn't that happy about havingto spend money again on a license for a feature he/we thought he purchased withSMVH. I later found out a SnapRestore license hint was included in the SMHVBes Practices guide)
  • Concerning upgrade to OnCommand Host Package from existing SD and SMHVsoftware I can only say from my experience that the install routine has problems with such a constellation. I was only able to successfully install the Host Package after uninstalling SD and SMHV beforehand. It is also not clear if the SnapInfo LUN from SMHV is still necessary.
  • Maybe a mention for the Failover Cluster name wouldn't be bad either. Through the community I learned it also needs to be discovered as HostService, maybe in order to get the highly available VMs listed. Because only after installingthe Host Package on all cluster nodes  the VMs showed up and the cluster name was discovered automatically.

So far so good... hope this helps a bit.



Thanks Lyndon! This is great feedback and very useful. We will take this into consideration as we determine the outline of the docs for our next release. (For example, I can see from the first bullet that a graphic I had hoped to create showing where everything gets installed might well have been useful. Unfortunately, I ran out of time. But feedback like this can help give weight to pushing creation of such a graphic to the top of our development list for next release.)

Much appreciated!


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