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Overall Status in NetApp Management Console(NMC) Datasets Page



     Many a times people ask or wonder what is this OVERALL STATUS in the NMC>ManageData>Data>Datasets OverView.

This column is the net of four other hidden columns(which arent shown by default Picture 1 )

  1. Protection Status
    • Backups Running According to Schedule and are well with in lag error or lag warning threshold, is the dataset suspended or not.
  2. Conformance Status
    • Provisioned Volumes and Established Relationships according to Provisioning & Protection Policy
  3. Space Status
    • Applies only to provisioning manger provisioned volumes, capacity usage are within the space threshold of the provisioning policy
  4. Resource Status
    • Physical Systems Availability

The overall status column shows the highest severity event of the four status.Even if the protection and conformance are good. For a dataset the Protection and Conformance are the main ones to look for.

Its recommended to change your default view of Datasets OverView as follows.

Change the default displayed columns - REMOVE 'Overall Status' and SHOW Protection, Conformance, Space, and Resource status columns as show below.

Then your View would finally look like this.

The only downfall is that, this setting is not persistent across login and logouts. One needs to configure it every time he/she logs-in and logs-out, but for sure, it gives a better understanding of how your datasets are, instead of the overall status.



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Update: Starting OCUM 5.2 the default view is changed.

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