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The Pirate Pack for NAS v1.0 - Vfiler and Array Provisioning and Management for NFS and CIFS


The Pirate Pack for NAS v1.0 - 2012-02-01

This first installment of the Pirate Pack series of workflows is a complete Secure Multi-Tenancy package for NAS Provisioning and Management.  The NAS NOC Dashboard supports connecting directly to Physical Arrays and Vfilers.  Each Provisioning workflow is set to accept inputs for Controller and Aggregate but can be easily modified to leverage better Finders.  There are a lot of custom commands and a few functions.  All in all, the Pirate Pack for NAS v1.0 is designed to be dropped into a new WFA environment and get you using WFA today.  Enjoy!


  • Vfiler Creation - Multiprotocol Support
    • Root Volume creation with User Input for Volume Prefix and starting at 0001 unless volume already found and increments by one. Use NAS NOC Dashboard policy
    • Vfiler creation ad explicitly setting protocols allowed to NFS, CIFS, RSH, and SSH.  Initializes SSH on the Vfiler.  Set all IP  (does not create an ipspace but can be set) and DNS information.
    • If CIFS is enabled, perform a CIFS Setup with either Workgroup or Active Directory support.  Set Time servers on Array if not already configured.
    • Setup NIS for the Vfiler.
    • Create up to 5 Qtrees with optional Tree Quotas, Cifs Shares, and NFS Exports
  • Provision a new Volume with optional Qtree
    • Provision a new volume based on customer prefix and volume name in an Array or Vfiler.  Verify that volume does not exist. Use NAS NOC Dashboard policy
    • Optional Qtree with Tree Quota
    • Cifs Share for Volume or Qtree.  If Qtree is selected then the Share will be created on the Qtree.
    • Export on Qtree if added and remove Volume Export, else create Export on Volume
  • Provision a Single Qtree
    • Create a Qtree on Array Volume or Vfiler Volume.
    • If Vfiler, Verify that the Volume selected is part of the Vfiler.  If no Vfiler, then verify that the Volume chosen is not part of a Vfiler.
    • Optional Tree Quota
    • Cifs Share and NFS Export
  • Manage Volume
    • Determine if Volume is part of a Vfiler and connect accordingly
    • Modify the following options for the Volume
      • Size (only able to add space)
      • Maximum factor for Volume Autogrow (volume size multiplied by this value to set the autogrow size)
      • Autogrow Increment Value
      • Autodelete options
      • Snapshot Schedule
      • SnapReserve Percentage
  • Quota Management
    • Full support for User, Group, or Tree Quotas
    • Validate Volume and/or Qtree exist and are part of the supplied Vfiler or Array.
    • Sets Default Tracking quotas on volume if not applied
    • Vfiler Support
    • Option Qtree selection
    • Soft Limit and Hard Limit support
  • Cifs Share Management
    • Vfiler and Array support for Volume or Qtree
    • Validate Volume and/or Qtree exist and are part of the supplied Vfiler or Array.
    • Add, Change, or Remove Cifs Shares
      • Add to either a Volume or Qtree with default permissions - Everyone 'Full Control'
      • Change the Cifs Share permissions for existing entries or add new permissions to the Share
      • Remove the Cifs Share completely
  • NFSv3 Export Management
    • Vfiler and Array support for Volume or Qtree
    • Validate Volume and/or Qtree exist and are part of the supplied Vfiler or Array.
    • Add, Change, or Remove Nfs Exports
    • Can set RO,RW, and/or Root exports
    • Set user ID for anon (optional)
    • Set SUID and Security Type

WFA: B5499    

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