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Video: How to integrate Performance Manager 2.1 with Unified Manager 6.4


Introduction: Performance Manager 2.1 and Unified Manager 6.4 are closely integrated than in previous releases. The new integration method is known as a "full integration" connection. When using a full integration connection, the products share a management interface that provides:


  • a single URL to manage both products
  • a central dashboard to view both cluster health and performance attributes
  • a single location to configure clusters, users, and authentication settings
  • a favorites dashboard that provides access to storage objects that you reference frequently

Step 1: This video will tell you how to integrate Performance Manager 2.1 with Unified Manager 6.4 using full integration connection.


Step 2: Learn how the products share a common management interface to view cluster health and performance attributes as well as how to setup a favorite dashboard by watching this video.

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Hi Yuvaraj,


Thanks a lot for sharing this information.


I am getteing this error messages..


  Generating Performance Manager Client Keystore and Certificate
[sudo] password for umadmin:
cat: /opt/netapp/essentials/jboss/server/onaro/cert/opm.client.public.cert.8ecc53e3b40e4f90b3e2dd52d2e52393.pem: No such file or directory
  Contacting Unified Manager...
  Setting up secure communication path.
[sudo] password for umadmin:
[sudo] password for umadmin:
  Failed to setup secure communication path

[sudo] password for umadmin:
  Failed to enable secure communication with Unified Manager...exiting.

[sudo] password for umadmin:

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