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WFA release document - WFA installation and setup guide


This is the document thread for the WFA installation and setup guide.

Every updated document will be uploaded to this document thread to create a version respository.

Document revision 1.7 - Updated post WFA 1.1 release

Revision changes

  1. “Appendix E – Configuring WFA to VCENTER Connection” (p.33) – Add more detail on Registry Key when Using Registry Option in Setting Authentication Mode of VC SQL Server to Mixed Mode
  2. “Appendix B – Upgrading WFA” (p.19) – Removed reference to “Configuration Only” option in backup.
  3. “Appendix A – Installation kit checklist ” (p.19) – Updated WFA license section to refer to the license portal, instead of a dl.
  4. "Appendix D - Automated OnCommand 5 setup" - Updated description and location of oc5setup package within WFA installation

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Great Document, for the dfm db acces it would be great to have a description to create the user instead of using the script. Had problems to run it:

Verifying archive integrity... All good.

Uncompressing WFA OnCommand-5 Setup...

./ line 4: /java/bin/java: No such file or directory

My customer wants to document what users have access and which capability is needed.

e.d. the commands dfm database user create ... role definition etc.

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