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What's New in OnCommand Unified Manager 5.1 Release

Hi All,

      The much awaited OnCommand Unified Manager  5.1 is available on NetApp Support Site. The theme of this release is to provide Capacity and Performance Monitoring Capability for DATA ONTAP 8.1 and 8.1.1 Operating in Cluster-Mode. OnCommand Unified Manager 5.1 provides manageability support for early adopters on ONTAP 8.1/8.1.1 Operating in Cluster-Mode. OnCommand Unified Manager 5.1 is the next version of OnCommand 5.0 and provides incremental updates  to all the features and functionality that was available in version 5.0.

(OnCommand Unified Manager v5.1 include the old products like Operations Manager, Protection Manager, Provisioning Manager, Performance Adviser Host Package v1.1 )

For a details on new features in OnCommand 5.1 refer the list below.

What's New in OnCommand 5.1 for Ontap 8.1 Operating in  Cluster-Mode Support:

  1. Monitoring and Reporting
  2. Cluster
    • Vserver
    • Nodes
    • Volume
    • Larger Aggregate
    • Qtree
    • LUN
    • Quota
    • SFO Pair
    • Disk
    • CIFS & NFS
    • iGroups
    • LIF
    • Portsets
    • InterfaceGroups
    • Namespace
    • Junction Path and its history
    • Volume Move  interoperability and its history
  3. Performance monitoring for Cluster-mode objects
    • Canned Views
    • Thresholds
  4. Secure connection to Cluster-Mode ONTAP systems
  5. Dashboard Enhancement to show Cluster-Mode specific Panels
  6. Separate OnCommand instance for Cluster-Mode and 7G/7Mode Monitoring

What's New in OnCommand 5.1 for  7Mode: Provisioning Capability:

  1. Choice of resource Selection Algorithm for volume creation
  •           Least-Utilized(most-available-space) Criterion.(This method of aggregate selection will try to evenly spread the load among the aggregates in the resource pool)
  •           Best-fit(least-available-space) Criterion. (As per this method best-fit criterion, aggregates which just fits the size request will be selected among the aggregates in the resource pool)

Protection Capability:

  1. Dynamic Secondary Sizing for Volume SnapMirror Destination
  2. Ability to update/re-run a single job in a dataset(CLI Only)
  3. Eliminate the requirement to include original directory path when restoring to an alternate location(CLI Only)
  4. Support for 32bit to 64bit for Mirroring(VSM).

Also find below  IS and ISNOT list of supported features in OnCommand 5.1 for Cluster-Mode.




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