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Workflow: Use Looping to Apply OnTAP Options to all controllers


This example workflow will loop around all known controllers and attempt to set up to 6 Data OnTAP options to them.  The default values will configure autosupport, but they can be replaced with a different option or blank.  If Option Name is blank, that option is skipped.  Loops through all controllers known to WFA.


Comments welcome.


* UPDATE *  Removed a few unnecessary Find Charts in the workflow.  Thanks to Tanmoy for pointing that out. 


* UPDATE 2 * There might be a problem with the new workflow.  I'm posting the original as well until I can look into the problem.  Thanks to Vladimir for letting me know about the problem.  The original one does not have _v1_1 added to the name.  It has 3 unnecessary find charts in it that you can safely delete.


* UPDATE 3 * Corrected the dar file issue.  Removing old versions and only posting the latest one as of Sep 21, 2012.


* NOTE * Sometimes attaching a .dar file adds a .zip extension to the file name.  Once you've downloaded the file, remove the .zip extension.  The file should have a .dar extension.




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Great stuff Dave. Thanks !!!

Yaron Haimsohn

WFA team


I have one query. Why do we need the find charts? I do see there are three...



Good catch, Tanmoy.  They were left over from earlier attempts of learning looping myself.  I updated the post with a copy of the workflow that doesn't contain the Find Charts.

I had one copy of the command and multiple rows, one row for each option name/value pair I wanted.  I was trying to pass in the array object to my Set OnTAP Options command, forgetting that it expects the controller name to be passed in as a string instead of an object.  So, the error message I got was something along the lines of the object was not defined.  Wondering if I needed to have the array object defined prior to the loop, I created those Find Charts.  But when that didn't work either, it dawned on me what was happening, so I changed from ArrrayMember1 to ArrayMember1.ip, and everything started working.  I then went with the approach of adding the same command to the workflow multiple times and only having one row.  I just forgot to remove the unused find charts.

Again, great catch and thanks for asking.




I'm trying to import the updated version, but it fails with "Failed to get object names from imported DAR" (i removed the first version prior to importing the updated version).


Ok, I'll look into it.  In the meantime, I'll post the original version back to the site as well.  You can use that one and clean it up by deleting the Find Charts if you want.

Thanks for letting me know,



Ok, problem fixed. 

The long story:  Previously I tried extracting the .dar file using WinRAR, deleting a ton of extra functions from my WFA server, and creating a new .zip file, renaming the .zip to .dar.  Sometimes this works, but sometimes it doesn't.  Instead of figuring out the intricasies of this hack, I took a new export, imported into a clean WFA 1.1.1 system, deleted all the non-certified functions except for isValid() which this workflow uses, and then exported it again.  Whew!


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the headsup, import worked this time flawlessly this time. I'm going to test it a bit more now.


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