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Workflow example: Remove blank lines, lines with just whitespace, and beginning whitespace of each line from /etc/hosts

Simple workflow that contains a single command that backs up [/vol/vol0]/etc/hosts to [/vol/vol0]/etc/hosts.wfabak then overwrites [/vol/vol0]/etc/hosts, removing any blank lines or any lines that only contain whitespace, as well as beginning whitespace of each line.


(Designed for 7-mode.)


Updated.  Seems Read-NaFile reads all lines as a single string, so regular expressions treat the entire file as one line.  Doh!


Update 2:  More important than removing blank lines was removing the whitespace before the IP address of each line.





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Hi Dave,

   I tried working on this Automation to test the functionality on a lab filer before executing in our environment (330+ NTAP IT filers) . It did created a backup file of hosts /vol/vol0/etc/hosts.wfabak but did not remove the blanks lines and leading white spaces.

Any comments.



Hi Manish,

Thanks for letting me know about your experience.  Please try the updated version.  There was a problem in the first version.



Great stuff Dave.  Nice work cranking this out!

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