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7-mode CIFS Audit / Migration

So I've been racking my brain for the better part of the week trying to figure out how I can export the CIFS Share Permissions (not the NTFS Permissions) so I can get prepped for a migration and keep running into some roadblock here or there with what I need exactly. The hurdle is of course the same problem most others have had, which is the get-nacifsshareacl cmdlet in the vfiler context which does not work. To try to get around that I've pieced together some scripts found in old articles, in order to put together something that worked  (Sadly only for NTFS permissions), but not the share level permissions. Are there any plans to put something together in WFA that will revolve around CIFS migrations and not just SAN?


Re: 7-mode CIFS Audit / Migration

Also the option to audit / export the permissions?

Re: 7-mode CIFS Audit / Migration

Hi Michael:

Couple of quick questions:

1. Have you raised a case with Netapp for get-nacifsshareacl cmdlet in the vfiler context which does not work.

2. This CIFS migration is from where to where?

At this moment, there are no plan to bundle any workflow for CIFs migration.



Re: 7-mode CIFS Audit / Migration


     I have mentioned it with my support team but have no raised a flag to support. The cifs migration is local so it will never leave the host. I would dare say that even though it's less common for a user to need to migrate cifs from one space to another, it's still something I feel should be a workflow as this is a function that at anytime could happen. Especially for instance when you have a qtree that you need to move to archive for instance. It would be extremely handy to have something built in that will allow you to move the storage from one host to either another host or internally to another set of disks and build the shares back to match that of the original.



Re: 7-mode CIFS Audit / Migration

Thanks Michael.

Will log an enhancement request for the same.

If you are trying to build one and if you need any clarifications,

feel free to post your queries here.



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