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AIQUM Automated install..Annoyances..

Has anyone managed to do a full automated install of AIQUM using Ansible ?


Im installing the RPM on a Centos 7 server but im stuck at the initial setup web screen..


Can this process be done on the command line ?


Re: AIQUM Automated install..Annoyances..

Hello Greg

My understanding is that the initial setup can only be done from the webUI.

With regards to automated install, i am not sure, i will dig on that and see if i find something.

Re: AIQUM Automated install..Annoyances..



I managed to work out this out.


You need to use the command line to set the following


/opt/netapp/ocum/bin/um option set initialSetupComplete=true


once that is done you will skip the web setup 6 questions and go direct into AIQUM.


There are some other options you might want to set like API access but I now have a 

full automated install.


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Re: AIQUM Automated install..Annoyances..

Glad to hear that Greg,

I will keep that in mind....kudos 😊

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