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Add DFM Dialog BOx does not appear


I´ved installed the OCR 1.2 on the same Server as the DFM is running.

I´ved create a DFM DB User and add the OCR License. All OK.

Now I open the OCR admin console and try to add the DFM Server over the path   "Configure/DataFabric Manager Server".

The Dialog Box doesn´t open ??!!

Have anyone seen this issue and can help me?




Re: Add DFM Dialog BOx does not appear

Hi Gerd,

Neither UM or OCR is designed or tested to run on a system with other applications.  The OCR IAG specifically states not to install it on a UM server.

UM 5.2 ISG:

Page 36

For optimal performance, the only other application that must be installed on the system running

Core Package software is OnCommand Unified Manager Host Package

OCR 1.2 IAG:

Page 11

You must not install OnCommand Report on a host that runs any of the following:

• OnCommand Unified Manager server

• OnCommand Insight (previously known as SANscreen)


Re: Add DFM Dialog BOx does not appear

I have the same problem with Configure DFM server dialog not appearing but mine is not on the same server as the DFM.  I installed a new server just for OCR.  Every other dialog works - Users, License, AutoSupport etc

Re: Add DFM Dialog BOx does not appear

Hello John,

I´ved found the issue. It is the Version of the Internet Explorer. As the Admin Guide IE 8.0 is as a requirement.

You can change this by pressing the F12 Button. In the following Developer Window you can select IE8 as Browser Version.

After I do this, all finctions all OK.

It´s the same with the Communitie. All functions here are available after you select IE9 for your Browser.



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Re: Add DFM Dialog BOx does not appear


Thank you for the tip but it still isn't working for me.  At least now I can assume it is the browser, 



Re: Add DFM Dialog BOx does not appear

Installed Firefox and that works...

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