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Adding IBM Storwize V7000s into OCI

Hello. I have about 6 IBM Storwize V7000s to add into OCI but I'm a bit unclear on what data source to use. Our array admin, given the choices, says that the DSCLI would be closest but the Interoperability Matrix for 7.3x shows V7000 listed under IBM SVC. However, we don't have SVC in our environment (we retired the last one years ago). Anyone have any idea what data source to use for these arrays or if they are even supported by OCI?


Thought I'd ask the gurus here before I opened a support question. Thanks for any info.


Re: Adding IBM Storwize V7000s into OCI

I would check the OCI docs or KBs, or contact Support to be sure.


But if that's not an option, I think you can try to use SVC source because V5000/7000 run an "embedded" SVC (the difference between SVC and V-Series being that SVC lets you virtualize other, non-V-Series storage, whereas V5K/V7K do not - it  virtualizes volumes from V5K/V7K array on which it is running and/or clustered with).


Re: Adding IBM Storwize V7000s into OCI

I agree with u/elementx. I think you will have to configure this as a SVC data source. I'm not expert in OCI but looking at this Guide I think it says to configure any of the Spectrum Virtualize products as SVC data source:



Check out the KB!
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