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Adding Netapp SGWS in OCI

I have been trying to figure out how to monitor my Netapp StorageGrid webscale, with back end E series do I get this added into OCI as a data source ? Getting a user error...saying the login credentials are wrong...


Re: Adding Netapp SGWS in OCI

Hey Pippen,


What OCI version are you on? If it is 7.3.1, install Data Source Service Pack 2 for 7.3





Re: Adding Netapp SGWS in OCI

Hello,  for Storagegrid ensure you are using an "Admin" level credential..


Below are the storagrid requirements:


NetApp StorageGrid

IP address of the StorageGrid Host

NetApp® StorageGRID® Webscale Network Management System 10.2 

Admin credentials

Port requirements: 443/HTTPS


Once discovered, the bucket information will be displayed in the oci data warehouse.





Re: Adding Netapp SGWS in OCI

Running 7.3.0, build 1032...planning on upgrading to 7.3.1 once I get around to it...isnt 7.3.2 coming out soon ?

Re: Adding Netapp SGWS in OCI

OCI 7.3.2 shipped last Thursday.


If you upgrade to OCI 7.3.2, I am very certain your StorageGrid datasource failure will be resolved



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