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Adding Parameters to a Command


I have a custom command that has been created and added to the WFA command set;   We've made some changes to that command to include some new parameters;  I have added these successfully and rediscovered the parameters successfully.

However when I go into the workflows that reference the exisiting command the only way to see the new parameters is to delete the Command Object (clicking on the x)

and then redefining the object, where the new parameters will now be displayed but the old content is deleted

which is somewhat of a pain as all the inputs need to be redefined - is there an easier way to accomplish this to simply refresh an existing definition  ?   If not do we consider this a bug ?   Platform is



Re: Adding Parameters to a Command

Hi fenton

I tried your scenario with the our latest build and it seems to be working fine

I created a workflow with a command 'sleep' having one parameter. I then added another parameter to the command and hen i opened the workflow again, i could see that the command object had the new parameter without deleting the object

Please let me know if the scenario tested is correct.

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Re: Adding Parameters to a Command


Looks like you are 'double clicking' on the 'db provision request'. Try only single click (don't move mouse pointer out of the box) and wait for 2-3 seconds. Also, your build is quite old. As Sharu mentioned you should try WFA




Re: Adding Parameters to a Command

Have also upgraded to .391.1 build and that sorted the problem - thanks for your help

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