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Aggr Blocks/sec vs IOPS

Hi Frndz,

I am able to see the Aggr performance parameter as blocks per sec in performance manager graph, is it possible to have IOPS graph.

If not, can we decipher the value of IOPS from blocks per sec

Also, What is the supportable throughput of an aggr1 ,say for an example if it contains 32 -15 k RPM SAS disks with 2 RG.



Aggr Blocks/sec vs IOPS

HI Frndz,

Can we get a Aggr IOPS graphical view ?

Re: Aggr Blocks/sec vs IOPS

Do you have DFM?

I believe that 176 IOPS for 15K per data disk should be a reasonable number to use ( 28 data disks * 176 = 4928 IOPS for the aggr).

You may want to look at disk IOPS instead of just IOPS, some request such as GETADDR does not go to disk, if you have PAM it will be cache so you can have much higher IOPS.

Re: Aggr Blocks/sec vs IOPS

from DFM perf manager only am seeing the aggr throughput metrics as blocks per sec . but i need the graph for IOPS

Aggr Blocks/sec vs IOPS

anyone have a clue , how to measure the aggr performance since its in blocks per sec

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