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Aggrigate space issue

Sorry if it is a foolish question. I am very new to NetApp systems. Today i deleted a LUN of size 1TB from a volume/aggrigate. But still aggrigate is showing 100% full. How i can recover the space in the aggrigate.

Steps I did

1. Deleted the LUN by lun destroy command

2. Deleted the igroup of the container LUN.

I guess i have to reduce the volume to regain the free space in the aggrigate. Please let me knwo how i can calculate how much space is required for that volume. Also what is going to happen i reduce the volume more than the free space available for that volume.

Thanks Debasis


Aggrigate space issue

can u add a screen capture of system manager

generally a vol contain one or more lun

if it contain only one lun you can then destroy the vol and free space will go to aggr

if it contain more than 1 lun when you will use system manager (nice management soft free also and better to use for beginner) the software will show you how much size you can shrink from volume