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Array Lun details missing from DFM

Hi All,

Today I have allocated few Luns from our DMX array to V6080 filer which is monitered by DFM. After adding the array luns DFM was able to get the details for all of them however one lun in operations manager still shows only lun name, assigned storage system and model, no other details like aggregate name, vendor details, lun serial number or plex id areshowing. I tried from dfm details command also and there also it's not having all the information like other luns.

Can someone suggest me how can I pull all the information in DFM for that lun?

Waiting for your comments or suggestions.




Re: Array Lun details missing from DFM

Hi, did you check that all the details of that particular lun are actually appearing on the V-Series system?

Use 'sysconfig -r' or 'disk show -a' or 'storage show disk' CLIs to check it. If storage system is reporting all the details, then please get the dfmmonitor.log and 'dfm diag' output to see if something went wrong from DFM side.


Re: Array Lun details missing from DFM


Everything is well on filer side and disk is perfectly showing on filer, it's only DFM which is not able to get the detail of one disk and Thanks to you for pointing me towards monitor log. I have pated the log for your reference and this is the disk which is having problem as per log there is some problem while updating the disk details in sybase.

Jun 10 20:28:27 [DFMMonitor:ERROR]: Error preparing UPDATE disks SET disks.diskBrokenDetails   = ''  , disks.diskBytesPerSector  = '520'  , disks.diskChecksumCompatibility  = 'zoned/block'  , disks.diskFirmwareRevision  = ''  , disks.diskPool  = 'Pool0'  , disks.diskPortName  = '     '  , disks.diskSerialNumber  = '102418!t'000'  , disks.diskVendorName  = 'EMC'  , disks.diskRaidType  = 'data'  , disks.diskRaidState  = 'present'  , disks.diskIsZeroed  = '0'  , disks.diskPlexId   = 31  , disks.diskRgId = 72  , disks.diskZeroingPercent = NULL , disks.diskUID = '60060480:00029010:24185330:33313245:00000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:00000000'  WHERE disks.diskName = 'data disk AMSSW022:9-4.133L8' AND disks.hostId   = 74 : (0) [Sybase][ODBC Driver]Syntax error or access violation

Re: Array Lun details missing from DFM

Okay, the SQL error is because of disks.diskSerialNumber  = '102418!t'000'. DFM should escape these special characters in the SQL queries. But is that serial number a valid one?

Did DFM read the serial number incorrectly or is it the actual serial number of the lun as reported on the filer?


Re: Array Lun details missing from DFM

no this is the correct serial number..

output from disk show:

AMSSW022:9-4.133L8 AMSNAS01  (118060155)    Pool0  102418!t'000

Re: Array Lun details missing from DFM

Okay, then you need to raise a burt to fix this. DFM should escape the special characters in the disk serial number in SQL queries.


Re: Array Lun details missing from DFM

Thanks Chaitanya for your help, will raise a burt for this.