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Backup / archiving of virtual machines with cDOT

Hi guys,

we are currently evaluating the migration of our 7-mode environment to cDOT. It will get a lot more attractive to switch, when the snapmanagers are available in the coming weeks / months.

Though, I couldn't find a solution for snapvaulting our VMs. The host package, which I currently use to initialize a snapvault to the backup filer after the nightly snapshot, doesn't seem to be supported, anymore.

So, here's the question: what's the strategy to snapshot and backup virtual machines and restore them as easily as using the OnCommand console? Do I have to buy SnapProtect to get consistent backups or is there another solution.

Thanks for any insight.



Re: Backup / archiving of virtual machines with cDOT


Are you aware of VSC (Virtual Storage Console). VSC supports VMware backup / restores as well.



Re: Backup / archiving of virtual machines with cDOT

I am, yes, thanks.

VSC handles snapshots on the primary quite well, but as far as I know, there's no way to initiate a snapvault to a secondary from there.

The guys in seem to face the same challenge...



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