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Benchmark-monitoring tool

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask you about some monitoring/benchmark tool for netapp. I'm using Oncomand system manager. So there are some info about performance anyway I suppose that should be something more dedicated. It would be nice to see traffic on network, using of each disk etc. Please if you have some experiance, links etc. sent me.

Thank you



Re: Benchmark-monitoring tool

Hi Martin,

with OnCommand Unified Manager you can monitor performance of NetApp systems. Realtime and historical views are available.

I you already installed OnCommand Unified Manager open the management console. Top left you will find the 'manage performance' button.

I you haven`t installed OnCommand Unified Manager check your licenses. OnCommand Unified Manager is available at no charge.

Best Regards,


Benchmark-monitoring tool

Thanks anyway as I mentioned previously. I'm using this OnCommand Unified Manager, anyway I am not fully satisfied. I would like to get some more sophisticated tool for benchmarking and measur tool.



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