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Call a workflow via Rest API


I'm a new user for WFA and rest API.

I'm trying to read and understand the document "WFA Web services primer - REST - rev 0.3" and i tested some action as it describes in the document like :

GET /rest/workflows HTTP/1.1

Authorization: Basic <encoded_credentials>

Accept: application/xml

The output seems fine, i get 200 OK (Please see te attchment)

That's only things i understand,could you please help me to call my workflow in order to execute it like i'm connecting in the wfa server and it ask me to enter some input?

PS : I installed the advanced rest api from chrome


Re: Call a workflow via Rest API

Calling APIs is always going to be non-interactive and that's how they are meant to be. If you want an interactive session of selecting Workflow, then entering parameter values as when prompted, you need to build some application which calls the API to get workflows, reads the required parameters and prompts user to input them. WFA plans to provide CLI execution of workflow in future with the product.

Attached is a powershell script that does it for you. But its not using WFA Rest APIs, instead SOAP apis. Original script credit to Mirko. I'm yet to make a REST version, but will post it soon.

All you need is to modify the $username, $password, $wfaserver at the top of the script according to your setup and then execute it.

You'll be presented with a list of available workflows,

select the one you want,

you will be prompted with the parameters to enter.

Job execution will be tracked.

Execution of workflow is done.


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Re: Call a workflow via Rest API

Tanks for your reply.

It's work very good.

I'll be very interessted in what you've spoken to me by a rest API


Re: Call a workflow via Rest API

Hi Redouaneliani,

With sinhaa's help, I have written a PowerShell script that could do what you want using REST APIs.

It is available at :



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