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Can Balance Monitor Windows XP?

Can OnCommand Balance monitor a Windows XP VM?  The context of this is a VDI environment.


Re: Can Balance Monitor Windows XP?

Yes, You can sucessfully discover Win XP with OnCommand Balance. Often, you need to either disable Firewalls or open the required ports as specified in many KB articles. Also in VDI environments, Users will typically disable collection alerts if the VDI environment is continually powered on and off (Under Admin-> settings --> Email ->Alerts )   

As Peter mentioned, Win XP is not an officially supported "Server" based platform.  

Best regards,

Don Bourque

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Re: Can Balance Monitor Windows XP?

Thank you Peter and Don!

Re: Can Balance Monitor Windows XP?

What about 2012 R1? Getting an error, "The guest OS is unknown and therefore cannot be monitored by Balance. As a result, CPU, Storage and Memory stats are not available.".

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