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Can OCI discover all VM's automatically?

I have a large amount of VM's in our vcenter,

How OCI can manage these VM's as an assessts management perspective?

Can it indentify what these VM's have SQL, or any Database's?

Can discover all VM's automatically, if yes what associatied properties can be found?




Re: Can OCI discover all VM's automatically?



OCI can discover the virtual machines within vCenter assuming you've delegated read only access in vSphere and configured the datasource in OCI. EG


Note: Please consider that "discovery" is a scheduled process (not 'real-time'). The default poll interval is 20 minutes


As an indication of the VM properties you can view after discovery is complete:


I don't think OCI has the capability to natively discover applications within VM's (such as MSSQL) it does provide the capibility to annotate objects and create custom annotations that could be used associate application metadata with a VM for reporting purposes. Hope this helps



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