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Can OnCommand Host 1.0 Restore VMDK as THIN

Hi All.

After the restore of a VM, the VMDK file is Thick.  I deleted the original VMDK only, which had been created Thin.  I then went into the Backup and Recovery plugin to do a full restore of the VM to the original location.  After the restore was complete, I notice the restored VMDK was now Thick.  I don't see an option to select Thick or Thin.  Is this a limitation of the plugin or is there a setting I can change to enable it to restore the VMDK as thin?




Can OnCommand Host 1.0 Restore VMDK as THIN

Hi Michael,

I would like to ask few questions about this

1. From where did you restore? Was it initiated through NSPOG?

2. After restoring and adding the VM to inventory, did you check in edit settings and by clicking on the harddisk, it displays on the right side whether it is thick or thin?

Because, I just created a dummy VM (thin disks), backed up, deleted the VM from disk, restored and checked. It was thin.

Let us know if you are still facing this issue...