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Can a "$" be used in a string

I have a password that I am trying to use in a command that includes a "$" in it.  When I hard code the password into the parameter section of the command, it is automatically creating a user defined variable out of everything after the $.  For instance, "Pas$w0rd" would create a user defined variable called "w0rd".  This is happening even if the password is in quotes and the parameter is defined as a string.  Is the "$" character an illegal character in strings?  Or, am I missing an escape character to indicate that I don't want this to be a user defined variable?

Below are screen shots of what is exactly happening.

In the command, I am setting the password as seen below:

In the setup details of the workflow, you can see the User Inputs has a variable named "w0rd"

When you run/preview the workflow, you can see that there is a User Input created called "w0rd"


Re: Can a "$" be used in a string

Hi Matt,

You could put the password into a function, which would hide it from the workflow parameter parsing. Or, you could break up the string, like 'Pas$' + 'w0rd', which also works.




Re: Can a "$" be used in a string

There is another option I would suggest i.e. to save the username/password as a dummy-host in Credentials and then call Get-WfaCredentials to obtain it in your command. This way your problem of $ in the userinput will be solved and it also serves the purpose of hiding the entered password in workflow executions.

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