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Can a workflow call another workflow (or can we have user inputs at different workflow checkpoints)?


I've got a use case where I think this may be one way to solve it, although there may be another way I'm not seeing yet.  Here's the use case:

I want to create a single NFS share (volume/qtree combo) in the selected resource pool and export it from the selected vfiler.

Aside from the standard inputs like volume name, size, etc. I ask what resource pool they want to provision the storage to.  This was answered already by using a specific query and I'm able to present a drop down list of all available resource pools.  However, all of our controllers have multiple vfilers and I'd also like to present a drop down list of the vfilers that exist on the controller that is ultimately selected as the resource.  This is where I'm stuck -- I can't present a list of vfilers to choose from at the same time I present the list of resource pools to choose from because the physical resource hasn't yet been determined by OnCommand.

I thought maybe if I did the vfiler selection in a subsequent row this might work but I'm not seeing that happen.  The Add Volume to Vfiler command appears to have the necessary information otherwise WFA wouldn't know what controller to connect to add the volume to the vfiler.  I just need some way for this command to ask the user which vfiler he wants to use in a drop down list.

I'll play around with the command to see if this is possible rather than trying to figure out how to call another flow.  Thanks!



Re: Can a workflow call another workflow (or can we have user inputs at different workflow checkpoints)?


I have no idea which version you are using and how "deep" you are into WFA.

Generally speaking - WFA 1.1 release (to be out circa March) includes both cascading user inputs as well as new and improved caching

models for some data objects, one of which is resource pools.

You should be able to show a list of resource pools, and then show vfilers from filers that are in the selected pool.

This scenario does not call for chaining workflows. Regardless, it is technically possible to chain them and some of our customers

use that methodology. It is not a formal solution though - Just something you could do.

Best regards,

Yaron Haimsohn

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