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Cannot remove 'public' SNMP community

Hi, I cannot remove the 'public' SNMP community string from my filer using system manager because I get the following error

"OnCommand System Manager is configured to use 'public' community to communicate with this storage system. So you cannot delete or edit this community"

I cannot find where in OnCommand I am supposed to change this

Can someone please point me in the right direction


Re: Cannot remove 'public' SNMP community


the solution is to adapt the following configuration file

C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\NetApp\SystemManager\SystemManager.config.

Search for <snmp-community> and replace Public by another community (because you need a community for the system manager => don't forget to create a community before doing the modification)

Best Regards

Eric Zachary

Re: Cannot remove 'public' SNMP community

I am running OnCommand System Manager 2.1 on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine, and I can't seem to find the SystemManager.config file anywhere.  Any suggestion?

Re: Cannot remove 'public' SNMP community


To remove the SNMP public, you can try the following

Remove all system from the console

make a Discovery by using the root/password (don't use SNMP for the discovery)

normally you can remove de public community

For the systemmanger.config, try the following location  C:\users\<you username>\netapp\systemmanager

Best Regards


Re: Cannot remove 'public' SNMP community

Thanks for the info Eric.  I had actually already tried going to c:\users\<username>\netapp\systemmanager, but when I go into c:\users\<username>, there is no netapp folder.  Any other suggestions?


Re: Cannot remove 'public' SNMP community

I had to go to the CLI and run SNMP community delete ro public.   That was the only way I could do it.

Re: Cannot remove 'public' SNMP community

This would be the method to use to remove the public community string.

We will have the documentation updated for this behavior.