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Changing Ping Timeout and Ping Retry Delay


we have our netapp systems in whole europe (from spain - russia), some from these netapp systems are only reachable over wan. these connections are not always very stable. my customer start to think about to increase the ping timeout and ping retry delay, so when we have a short break or problem on the wan we dont get asap a "Host is down" message.

The Question is now: When we increase the timeout and retry delay on a higher value, that a other dfm mon make a request to the systems between these intervals and get no respond what happend then?

Lets take the "Environmental Monitoring Interval" or "   File System Monitoring Interval" when these mons make a request at the time we have a problem on our wan connection, what do the dfm with this information? He generate a host down event or try to get more ìnformations?

thanks and cheers



Changing Ping Timeout and Ping Retry Delay

Hi Soeren,

     So if pingmon fails, after the timeout and retry then it would generate a "host down event."

In Case of FS Mon which does discovery, if it fails it will not update any new volumes/qtree/aggr existing on the filer.

Similarly if it fails for 4 consecustive cycles then it will mark the volume as deleted in dfm db.



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Changing Ping Timeout and Ping Retry Delay


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