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Conflict when bringing up a second DFM server

We presently have a DFM v5.2 server managing our SnapMirror and SnapVault between our production and disaster recovery site.

The protection policy is triggered via the SMO profile and schedules.

We find our self having to bring up a DFM v5.0 in order to support a host/client with an SMO @3.1p1 and Snapdrive v5.0.

Every time I bring up the DFM server, which has identical hosts Storage Systems configured, the v5.2 DFM datasets protection starts lagging.

FYI in the v5.0, I have not even configured the datasets, so nothing is really running there.

If I shutdown the v5.0 DFM processes; all goes back to normal.

Any clue?

Thanks! Tania.

Check out the KB!
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